Swaine the swan sits alone

Counting the number nines pass her home.

Near the Travellers Rest is a field of wheat ‘cross the drain,

Where the A10 buzzes sixty past Chittering Lane.

Sweet savours of rotting sewage fill the air.

Like the rubbish near by nobody knows why she’s there.

A broken leg caught in a trap,

Or is it a wing that’s just simply gone snap?

Late last summer her relatives came to call

Ten around her gave hope, but they’d all gone by the fall.

At ploughing time she moves to the furthest corner

Avoiding sprayers and reapers, being an extrovert loner.

Clear Lode offers hope for a dip once a week

If only Swaine could explain all one day, use her beak to speak

Till then she returns to guard her very own molehill

Until the mountains of waste surround, or she becomes                                                                        fatally ill.

© Alan J Irving   1 April 2015



A New Star Is Born


In the beginning

There was







A silent universe

But in Him was Light

Energetic joy


In a new


New hope

For the hopeless

Salvation, a new way,

The Emmanuel, within us.

A baby in a manger

With cattle lowing

Mum, soothing


The Word

A testimony

Of promises spoken

And a dynamic power

Bringing everlasting light.

© Alan J Irving

24 December 2014


The Jewel

2014-09-27 15.23.07


The Jewel        

‘Twas a mere droplet

Spraying freely from

The everlasting fountain

Falling into the pool

Of daily life

And swimming free.


Babbling brook trickling,

Making merry music

As it stirs and drains the earth.

Nutrients soaked, roads carved,

Ever onward

Towards the sea.


Rivers of plenty,

Transporting the world

Through deltas, estuaries,

To spinning brown oceans

Washing up as waves

On distant shores.


Trillions just like me

Born breathing, singing,

Able to study and earn

Meeting, teaching using

Earth’s resources

To satisfy.


Yet in life’s busy wash

Do you just recycle

Those that have gone on before?

Created a unique body

Your maker seeks

Oils of rebirth.


Be emersed and shine

O priceless fine pearl,

Let oyster jaws open,

Give him praise and much honour!

Swim to glory

Child of the King.


2014-07-21 17.40.00

c.    Alan J Irving


8 October 2014

What is the first thing you see?

What is the first thing you can see in this picture?

Is it the leaves, the stalks or something else?


2014-07-17 12.21.36


Most people don’t see the dragonfly posing for the camera!

What of God – does he see the weeds and sin that surrounds us?

No! He sees us in the centre and our heart of love.

Rejoice for he has made us and we are never out of his focus.

Alan J Irving   August 2014   www.lightpoems.wordpress.com

The Rainbow

The Rainbow


When dark clouds closer move

Be expecting.

Sense the protection of the heavenly glove,

Peace everlasting.


The rainbow of his love

Surrounds you in a dome.

It promises a vision up above

Of an eternal home.


Soak in the energy of the Son,

Then Spirit fuelled.

Just as you are He bids you come,

Be joyfully filled!


The sunlight of heaven now reflects

Out from your eyes

To those below, life’s dejects

In for a surprise.


© Alan J Irving

20 July 2014


Gorey Rainbow





First there was attraction from afar:

One who seemed to care

Supporting the needy,

Now in love.


Next came a developing acquaintance

Searching visits to a new home.

Letters wisely written,

Joyful words.


The walk was long, the destination unclear.

Friends sharing wisdom to test

With many deep questions,

Problems solved.


Engagement expected a parallel life,

A ring reflecting radiance.

Two worlds to become one,

Ways crossed.


Total commitment to a life-bearing journey:

New birth, marriage to the Lord.

Spirit flowing freely

In worship!


For forty years we’ve shared the path.

Hand in hand through thick and thin.

We both look forward

Praise the king! 


The Story Of A Believer’s Journey and Marriage to The Lord

Written in the month of the 40th wedding anniversary of Alan and Sandra Irving


The New Leaf


A  New  Leaf

The last chapter is now complete,

Full and over-flowing.

Sun has set, rays all in retreat,

Moonbeams a-glowing.


In the cool of the night come fears

That shrink and expand,

Shifting hope to doubt as day nears

Like quick-sinking sands.


For what is ahead my dear Lord knows.

His the yeah and amen,

The promise of eternal life

But what until then?


The new leaf awaits my footprint,

Steps of faith by me.

Could I only know, just a hint,

So that at last the blind could see!


The page is now a-turning here,

The Word contains the key:

Corbiere Sunset near Highlands2010

Cast high above the atmosphere,

The net envelopes me.


Sure-footed, I now move forward

Into realms unknown.

My hand in the hand of the Lord

Until I reach my home.

©  Alan J Irving   March 2013